PI-1206 Homeschool Enrollment Report (HOMER) 2018-2019

High School Diplomas and Applying to College FAQs

How will my child receive a high school diploma?

In Wisconsin, high school diplomas are issued by public and private schools. A home-based private educational program does not lead to a traditional Wisconsin high school diploma.

A student who is enrolled in a home-based private educational program may wish to pursue the requirements for a General Educational Development (GED) certificate and/or a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED).

Alternatively, some private companies offer correspondence courses and grant diplomas upon completion of certain requirements.

Will my child be able to apply to a college or university after completing a home-based private educational program?

Most institutions of higher education use alternative admissions processes for students who do not have a traditional high school background. These institutions may use any documentation that you might have available in addition to your child's scores on the ACT and/or SAT tests in determining whether he/she is qualified for admission.

You should contact each postsecondary institution your child is interested in attending for information on its admission policies. You may need to provide the institution with copies of the PI-1206 forms you have filed with the DPI as well as records relating to the number of hours of instruction provided, the curriculum, and your child's academic progress.

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