PI-1206 Homeschool Enrollment Report (HOMER) 2018-2019

Curricula FAQs

Who provides the instruction in a home-based private educational program?

You may provide the instruction yourself or you may designate someone else to do so.

You also have the option of enrolling your child, at your expense, in an out-of-state and/or privately operated correspondence or virtual school. If you choose this option, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child's educational program meets the requirements for a home-based private educational program.

The DPI does not provide instruction or curricula for home-based private educational programs.

Are there any educational or training requirements for parents who enroll their children in a home-based private educational program?

Under Wisconsin law, there are no minimum educational requirements for parents who provide a home-based private educational program. Nor are parents required to hold a teaching certificate or license.

How can I obtain curricular materials for the required subject areas?

Even though local school districts are not obligated to provide materials to home-based private educational programs, you may contact your school district to determine if they can be of assistance.

Other possible resources include bookstores, public libraries and the Internet.

DPI's role does not include providing curricular materials to parents for home-based private educational programs.

Are there any assessment or testing requirements for students enrolled in a home-based private educational program?

No. Wisconsin statutes related to home-based private educational programs do not require any form of testing of students enrolled in such programs. You may choose to have your children tested or assessed periodically to determine their level of progress.

While school districts are not obligated to provide testing services, you may contact your local school district regarding possible testing using local district tests. A fee may be imposed for any services rendered. Public school districts in Wisconsin are not allowed to administer the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examinations, which are required for public school students in grades 3 through 8 and grade 10, to students enrolled in home-based private educational programs.

Other alternatives for access to these services include private testing vendors, universities and/or technical colleges.

Is my school district required to provide any instruction or courses to my child while he/she is enrolled in a home-based private educational program?

The part-time attendance option under s.118.145(4), Wis. Stats., allows private school and home-based private education students to attend their local public high school on a part-time basis. A school district is required, space permitting, to allow its resident children who are enrolled in a private school or a home-based private educational program to take up to two courses per semester at the high school. Students must satisfy the high school admission standards of the school district. Eligible students may take core and non-core courses.

While the part-time attendance option applies specifically to pupils attending high school, a school district may choose to provide services, including courses, to resident elementary and middle school-aged children enrolled in home-based educational programs. However, the school district may not claim state aid on behalf of those elementary and middle school students.

For more information on part-time attendance, contact your local public school district.

Are there any parent organizations that can help?

For links about parent organizations, click on Resources.

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