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Silver Lake J1 (5369)

Pupil Count (PI-1563) - September

This report collects the pupil count as determined on the third Friday in September. The count is converted to a full-time equivalency and used in the calculation of a district's revenue limit and equalization aid.

Report next opens on Friday, September 20, 2019

New For 2019-20

Districts providing Educational Services for non-special education three year old students and financially recorded in Fund 10, need to be reported separately in the pupil count. To be included in the pupil count for membership; “A pupil enrolled in a preschool program under subch. V of ch. 115 [Children with Disabilities] who is 3 years of age or older shall be counted as one-half pupil.” Wis. Stat. §121.004(7).

District Reporting of September 2019 9th Grade Membership for a 2019 - 2020 Personal Electronic Computing Devices Grant (PECDG) Eligibility Each public school district is still expected to provide their 2019 9th Grade Membership date in the PI-1563 Pupil Count - September portal. Wisconsin statute 115.438(4)(a)1, speaks to the responsibility of each school district to provide the number of 9th grade students to DPI through the end of this grant program in 2022-23. This data must be reported even though the 2019 Act 9, the Personal Electronic Computing Devices Grant is no longer funded, effective with the 2019-20 school year. The portal will open on Friday, September 20, 2019 and will be due with the closure of the PI-1563 - September portal on Friday, October 4, 2019. This will be the data collecting process for the remaining years of the PECDG program.

9 Weeks & 18 Weeks Special Tuition – Under Wis. Stat. §121.81(2), a pupil whose parent is a resident of this state, but not a resident of the school district, may file with the school board of the district a written application for enrollment in the school district.The parent’s application must be accompanied by a written declaration of the parent that the parent will establish residence in the school district by a specified time. Receipt of the application can occur at any time during the school year. For detailed information: Tuition Options for Parents (or Legal Custodian) 9 Week & 18 Week Special Tuition and the PI-1563 Student Count Report.

During the 2019-2020 school year, there are two (2) other pupil count categories not currently included in the SAFR PI-1563 portal, as no school district has notified DPI of students eligible to attend under either program. When added to the PI-1563, the data will be submitted by the district. These categories are the Whole Grade Sharing students and the Milwaukee Public School Opportunity Schools and Partnership Program (OSPP) students. Whole Grade Sharing includes both Resident Additions (Step 4) and Non - Resident Reductions (Step 2), while OSPP students are Resident Additions for only Milwaukee Public Schools.

4 Additional Categories of Students reported by DPI

The School Financial Services (SFS) team will enter the data for following categories in SAFR FTE Reports for each district. The following four (4) additional categories exist per state law:
  • Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP),
  • Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP),
  • Racine Parental Choice Program (RPCP) and
  • Independent Charter Schools (ICS) New Authorizers.
Questions related to these categories and the financial impacts of these categories can be directed to Derek Sliter (608) 266-3464 or Derek.Sliter@dpi.wi.gov

Questions related to student counts can be directed to Bruce Anderson (608) 267-9707 or Bruce.Anderson@dpi.wi.gov, Roger Kordus (608) 267-3752 or Roger.Kordus@dpi.wi.gov

Part-Time Open Enrollment Pupils

Based on 2017 Wisconsin Act 59; beginning in the 2018-19 school year, a pupil enrolled in a public school in the high school grades may attend public school in a nonresident school district for the purpose of taking a course offered by the nonresident school district. A pupil may attend no more than two courses at any time in nonresident school districts.

Non-resident Part-time Open Enrollment Students attending your district under §118.52 should be included in Step 1 of the wizard and removed in “Step 2.5: Non-Resident Reduction – Tuition” count.

If you have a Resident student returning to your district under §118.52 (resident open enrolled out, but returning for up to two classes) make sure these students are counted ONLY in “Step 4.1: Resident Addition – Open Enrollment” count. In other words, resident students open enrolled and returning to your district are not included under Step 1.How is this program funded? The Part-time District bills the Full-Time District of Attendance for coursework based on the funding formula found under Section III on the application form (PI-9412). Please contact openenrollment@dpi.wi.gov regarding any related questions.

Reporting Part Time Home-School, Non-Resident Pupils

A school district counts for General Aid (but not Revenue Limit) purposes a non-resident, home-school pupil (but not a non-resident private-, parochial- or tribal-school pupil) taking courses in the district under §118.53 in an amount equal to 0.25 FTE per course, up to two courses per semester (i.e., district could count a maximum of 0.50 FTE per non-resident, home-school pupil per semester).

Step 5 has been added for districts to report NON-RESIDENT Part-Time Home-School Pupils. (Previously, districts were to submit this information via an Excel spreadsheet.)

Continue to use Step 3 to report RESIDENT Part-Time Home-School Pupils.

Alternative Count Date

If your district is unable to hold school on the count date, a request for an alternative pupil count date must be submitted to the School Financial Service team. Click on the Alternative Count Date link for an explanation of your district’s options; an unplanned situation or a planned event that has led to a possible need for an alternative count date. For alternative count dates please contact one of the SFS School Consultants listed at this page: SFS Staff Directory.


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Help and Tutorials

Additional help on Membership, including General Count Guidelines, the PI-1563 Pupil Count Workbook, the Reconciliation Worksheet, Converting Count to Full-Time Equivalency, a Membership PowerPoint Presentation and more, is available at: Additional Membership Help .

Questions about this page should be directed to dpifin@dpi.wi.gov
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